Summer Exercise Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Unless you live under a rock – and even then, really – you know that the temperature this summer is nothing short of hot. It’s hot when you wake up, hot all day, and hot before bed. It’s just hot. Unfortunately, the world does not stop revolving and you can’t stop doing what you need to do just because it’s hot outside. You still have to exercise. Before you get up and get moving this summer, you need to make sure you know the worst exercise mistakes you can make this summer.

Forgo Your Morning Joe

Of course we don’t expect you to quit drinking coffee all together, but forgoing your morning cup of joe might be a good idea if you plan on running immediately afterward. A new study shows that drinking hot beverages before a run makes you dehydrate faster. However, drinking a cold drink before your run will enable you to run longer, and better.

Loose Clothes

You don’t want to look like a sausage stuffed in too tight clothing, but running in clothing that is too loose will cause you to chafe, which is never a good idea, especially in the summer months.

Not Eating

You have to eat post workout. Not eating after you workout is so bad for your body; it breaks down your muscles and it causes your natural energy supply to deplete, which makes your exercise pointless. Make sure you eat something full of protein within 30 minutes of exercise for the best possible results.

Wearing Dark Clothes

Sure, wearing black when you workout makes you look thinner, but it also traps heat more than lighter clothing, which is bad for your body. You will lose energy and counteract your workout plan by trapping heat and making yourself lose energy and willpower that much more quickly.


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