Strategies To Deal With A Dust Allergy Effectively

If you have a dust allergy, you know how severely it can impact your life.  But there are strategies you can use to help you deal with your allergy to be less bothered by it.

Take an antihistamine.  This may seem like a no-brainer but the importance of it needs to be stressed.  Antihistamines work by preventing your body from reacting to substances it is allergic to.  Antihistamines greatly help with a dust allergy.

Avoid dust as much as you possibly can to help your allergy stay under control.  This means not helping someone who is cleaning out a dusty old storages shed or working for a cleaning service.

That being said, we all understand that dust is in our homes and we have to do what we have to do to take care of it and that means the dreaded dusting.  For individuals with a dust allergy, dusting isn’t just an unpleasant chore, it is a chore that will likely leave you with a runny nose and the sneezes and wheezes before you are finished.  If you can at all, have someone else dust your home for you.  Your spouse is a good candidate as are children if they are old enough.  Sometimes a few dollars will entice our children to help us with a chore such as this one.

Purchase pillowcases and a mattress case that are specifically made to keep the dust out of them.  If you think about it, we spend the majority of our day in our bedrooms, sleeping.  If our mattress and pillows are not protected from dust our dust allergy will certainly kick into high gear.  Another measure you should take to help you with your dust allergy is to keep decorative items to a minimum, especially in your bedroom.

Also, be sure to change the filter regularly on your air conditioner and heater to help keep your home as dust free as possible and help you dust allergy stay under control.



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