Stop Retaining Fluids And Lose Weight For A Healthier You

When you step on the scale, you believe that the number you see is the amount you weigh.  And that is true, to a point.  The number on the scale also includes any water weight you may have from retaining fluids.

Retaining fluids is a condition that almost everyone deals with at some point in time. Retaining fluids is a condition that occurs more commonly in women than in men.   The condition can range from very mild to very severe.  The type of retaining fluids we are going to discuss here is on the mild end of that scale.  If you are dealing with retaining fluids that is beyond a mild problem then you should contact your physician.

So what causes you to retain fluids?  A number of factors can cause you to be retaining fluids.  Medications, your menstrual cycle, and even the foods that you eat can be contributing factors.

What can you do about the fact that you are retaining fluids?  The first thing you should do is cut down on your sodium.  Most of us eat way more sodium than we need.  Our body only needs a very small amount of salt.  It is recommended that we have no more than 1500 mg of sodium a day.  Many of us easily double that.

So, what are the foods that are so full of sodium?  Many of them have a reputation for high sodium; pickles, olives, chips and french fries.  But there are several that we don’t even think about.  Canned vegetables are one we don’t give much thought to.  Be sure to buy the low sodium variety.

Avoiding sodium is a big step in helping you with retaining fluids.  The other thing you can do is to increase your fluid intake, especially your water intake.  Drinking enough fluids help to flush out the extra fluids your body does not need.

Retaining fluids is an aggravation but thankfully, there are strategies you can use to stop this problem.



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