Stop Over Eating and Get Healthy Now

Over eating is something many of us are guilty of from time to time. Even if you don’t have a problem with your weight, you might have a problem with occasionally over eating, which can cause you to feel gross when you’re finished and have an exceptionally negative effect on your overall self-esteem. There are three reasons so many of us overeat on a regular basis. Read on to find out what they are so you can learn to recognize your triggers and avoid eating too much.


Ever find yourself mindlessly munching on snack after snack when you’re at home, watching television or reading a book and not doing anything else? Try a glass of water instead of doing all that over eating. If that doesn’t fill you up and satisfy your faux feelings of hunger, then try eating a healthy snack such as a bowl of edamame or a few veggies or a bowl of fruit.


Eating when you’re stressed is something most of us do. We pick up a bowl of our favorite comfort food because it makes us feel better about whatever is going on in our lives. That ice cream suddenly makes a bad day at work seem so much better or a break-up seem like something we don’t actually care about. In fact, all that ice cream is doing is adding calories to your diet and causing you to feel worse about yourself later on.

Because It’s There

Sometimes we eat too much simply because we have that kind of food accessible to us. If you want oreos because you saw them in the pantry, it’s time to stop keeping oreos in the house. Access to food that isn’t healthy for us is one of the most common reasons we overeat. Try removing unhealthy food from your house, making it more difficult to obtain when you’re craving something unhealthy.


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