Should You Spend the Money on a Personal Trainer?


Figuring out where to spend money and where to save is so much work. You want to spend more on groceries to eat better food, but you want to spend less at the store. You want to spend less on things that don’t interest you like insurance and taxes, and you want to spend more on things that do, like travel and shoes. However, that’s not how things work. So when it comes time to decide how you are going to spend that extra cash, you might really consider your options before you commit to anything. Personal trainers are one of the biggest money controversies around; you can technically work out free of charge and save your money for something else. On the other hand, a personal trainer is a health professional who can design a plan that will keep you safe and healthy. So is it worth the money to hire a personal trainer, or would you be better off joining the local gym? We think it’s worth the money and we will tell you why.

You’re Accountable

When you have someone else to be accountable with, you have to work harder. No one likes to disappoint others, and so when it’s time for you to get up and get moving, it’s not just you you’re letting down with a personal trainer. You’re going to face his or her disappointment, wrath and anger if you don’t get healthy. That’s pretty motivational.

A Personalized Workout

If you aren’t an exercise pro, you could actually hurt yourself. A trainer can provide you with a workout that is based on your level of fitness at the moment, on your desired level of fitness and on your overall health. This can minimize your risk of injury and help you focus on what’s important. It can also make exercise a bit more enjoyable for you, which will keep you motivated.


Not only does a trainer provide expertise, motivation and a workout designed just for you, he or she is your biggest cheerleader. No one wants to see you succeed more than your trainer, which is why he or she is going to cheer you on, motivate you and congratulate you when you reach a goal. This kind of encouragement can make a big difference to some.

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