Speed Up Your Metabolism the Easy Way

We spend a lot of time working out, dieting, and trying to look good. Sure, we want to be healthy. For the most part, however, we really just want to look good, which is why we spend so much time making sure we do. We all know that speeding up our metabolism is a great way for us to lose weight and look better. Now what if I told you that you could speed up your metabolism in very little time and with very little effort? You’d do it, right? That’s what I thought.

Get to Drinking

I wish desperately that I could follow that up with, “as much red wine as you want,” but I can’t. You need to drink those eight glasses of water each day. Staying hydrated is the best way possible to make sure your body is performing to the absolute best of its abilities.

Got Milk?

A new study finds that people who do not consume enough calcium hold on to fat longer than those who do. Eat your yogurt and drink your milk, ladies, because it’s going to help your body burn more fat on a regular basis.

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Again, I wish I could follow this up with, “anything but as much red wine as you want,” but again, I can’t. When you drink at happy hour or before bed, your metabolic rate suffers significantly the next day. Not only do you have hangover cravings, you also have a lowered metabolic rate, which means you are in twice as much trouble.


This is good news! We don’t have to starve ourselves to look good and lose weight. If we are hungry, our body is not working to its fullest potential, which means our metabolic rate is down. Eat some carrots. Have some Greek yogurt. Snack on fiber crackers. Eat something; just make it healthy!


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