Snack Right to Keep Your Energy from Disappearing

It’s 3 pm and suddenly your energy level seems non-existent. It happens to the best of us. Perhaps it’s this morning’s coffee rush wearing off or just the fatigue and exhaustion of a long night and a busy morning catching up to you. Either way, the mid-afternoon break down of energy happens to everyone at some point or another. Many women think that grabbing a quick snack can help reboot their systems – and they’re right. Except, of course, when they’re snacking on these not-so-energizing items.


They may look like a much healthier alternative than a bag of chips, but aside from that obvious factor they have nothing to offer. They’re overloaded in a bunch of long ingredients that make you feel more tired and drowsy than you already do. Skip the pretzels when your energy starts to crash in the afternoon.

Sports Drinks and Energy Drinks

No matter how much they’re alleged to work or how healthy they might sound with their fancy packaging and nice wording, these are nothing more than cans of sugar designed to give you a momentary boost of energy before bringing your energy level down further than it already was. Skip it. It’s not doing you any favors. You have a better chance of boosting your energy from running a 100 mile marathon than you do from an energy drink or sports drink.


Now you’re just shocked. Pick yourself up off the floor and get back to work, ladies and gentlemen. Apples are great for you – don’t skip them! However, eating an apple mid-afternoon is not going to boost your energy and have you feeling like a million bucks in a matter of minutes. It’s healthy, but it’s not enough. Add a few healthy nuts to the mix and you’ll have just what you need to find yourself feeling energized and more like yourself again.

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