Sleep Better Every Night With These Tips

You already know that you need a solid 8 hours of sleep each night to maintain your best possible health, to feel good and to function properly. Of course, try as you might, that kind of sleep just doesn’t happen every night. Maybe you’re pregnant and you can’t get comfortable – or stop using the restroom. Maybe you’re an insomniac or maybe you just have too much on your mind. These three additions to your nightly routine can help you get a much better night sleep in no time at all.


Incorporating a little yoga routine into your night just before you go to bed helps you relax your muscles, ease your stress and anxiety and sleep better. You don’t have to do a full on yoga routine, just a few of your favorite poses and a few good stretches. It will help you sleep better as your muscles are relaxed and your mind is clear.

A Warm Bath

There is never a more important time to be a little decadent than just before bed. A warm and relaxing bath is the perfect nighttime routine for anyone looking to sleep better. Try reading while you are in the tub. Or, instead of reading, dim the lights and bathe by candlelight. This helps relax your mind and body and create a soothing effect on your soul.


If you know anything about electronics, it’s that spending too much time browsing your phone or iPad and/or watching television is not good for your nighttime routine. Instead of doing these things to relax at night, try opening a book and spending a little time with all electronics turned completely off. It helps you relax and sleep better at night. You can read in bed but if you do, you want a soft bedside light from a lamp rather than your bright, harsh overhead lighting.


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