Skip the Pain Killers: Try These Remedies for Aches and Pains Instead


Reaching for your over-the-counter pain killers is likely your go-to remedy for any pain or ache from which you suffer. Muscle aches, headaches, sinuses, allergies, and everything in between always seem to feel better when you pop a few Tylenol or Ibuprofen. However, it’s not good for your body to take so much medication. Many of your common aches and pains are easily countered without pain killers. Read on to find out how you can fight pain without the pain killers.


This is the best way to fight pain naturally. Exercise can relieve everything from a headache to muscle aches and just about everything in between. In fact, you can even prevent many different pains and aches by exercising every day. Take a walk, go for a swim or sweat it out for a few hours on the court or field and you’ll find that you feel better as a whole.


It’s an ancient technique that’s been proven effective at relieving pain and body aches in almost everyone who has tried it. It’s even been touted as one of the most effective treatments for migraine headaches; and anyone who has ever suffered from a migraine knows that this is a big deal. Don’t let yourself become fooled by the needles. They’re virtually painless and the relief your body will feel is indescribable.


Massages are more than just a luxury treatment at the spa. While most people view massage as an indulgence for those who like to while away the hours with facials and pedicures, massage is actually a recommended treatment for many people who suffer from pain, muscle stiffness, sore muscles, and those who have sports injuries. It’s a stress reliever, which can eliminate some pain in your life as well. Getting a massage is much better than popping aspirin, don’t you think?

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