Simple Relief from Migraines

Few things in life are worse than a migraine (unless you count meeting his parents for the first time dressed in something entirely too revealing because he didn’t tell you that your romantic dinner wasn’t just the two of you). The pounding, the pain and the knowledge that relief is not easy to come by. Migraines (for lack of better word) suck.

The worst part is that there is so little you can do to relieve the pain, and everything from breathing to moving an inch makes the pain that much worse. The next time you feel a migraine coming on, move fast to prevent it from becoming worse using one of these tips.


Medical research shows that people who suffer from migraines are often suffering from a deficient magnesium level. When you feel the pain of a migraine begin, try taking a magnesium supplement to see if it can prevent the pain from becoming any worse. If you don’t have this supplement just lying around, put it on your list the next time you head to the store which you can learn more about.


This might sound a little crazy, since smells can often make headaches and migraines feel much worse, but studies show that sniffing peppermint can actually reduce the pain of a migraine. Who knew a Christmastime staple could make your head feel better (especially considering all the shopping that comes with the same holiday is probably the reason behind your headache in the first place)?


While it may not ease the pain of your migraine, consuming ginger can relieve the nausea many people feel while suffering from a migraine. Since one of the most common side effects of a migraine is nausea, drink some ginger tea or some other form of ginger (ginger ale is not going to cut it) as soon as you start to feel the nausea and your migraine might not be as powerful.


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