Signs You Have Too Much Stress in Your Life

When life gets a little crazy, we get a little stressed. With two little girls, a husband, a career, and everything else in life, I sometimes find myself a little stressed out wondering how I’m going to find the time to get everything done. Fortunately, I always do. Stress, however, is not that much fun. While most of us only experience a little stress from time to time, some of you might experience it far more often and you may not even know that you have too much stress in your life. You may think this is the way life is supposed to be, and you might be too stressed to even realize that life is better. Here are some of the signs that you are too stressed and you need to get your priorities in order.


If you feel that you are experiencing more headaches than usual, it’s probably because you are more stressed than usual. To get rid of your headaches, you have to get rid of some stress.

Extreme Cramps

Women know that period cramps are awful, but when you are extra stressed out, they get much worse. Try eliminating some stress from your life by hitting the gym to release endorphins into your body that regulate stress and make you feel better.

Mouth Aches

When you are stressed you tend to grind your teeth when you sleep. This leads you to feel that your jaw and mouth are sore during the day. Ease your stressful sleep teeth grinding by eliminating the stress in your life.


If you haven’t broken out in ages and you are not about to start your period, then you shouldn’t notice any unusual breakouts. If you do notice them, it means that you have too much stress in your life. Too much stress can negatively affect the look of your skin, which means it’s time to beat the stress.


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