Signs Burn Out is on the Horizon for You

We all have days in which we want nothing more than to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing productive, and we don’t worry that it’s burn out. Bad days, lazy days, sick days and purely “Me” days happen from time to time and that’s fine. However, many women begin to experience more and more days like this; days in which they’d rather do anything than what they’re supposed to do. Sometimes, this is nothing. Other times, however, it’s a sign of burnout. If you fear you’re heading for burn out, check out these three signs.


Unless you’re a robot, it is virtually impossible to go a day without feeling a little bit exhausted. However, when exhaustion is so bad that you can’t function it might be a sign that you are headed for burn out. It could also be a sign that you’re in the first trimester of pregnancy or the last month or so of pregnancy – though the latter should be pretty obvious.

Lack of Attention Span

When you have trouble paying attention, it might simply be because you’re in a new relationship and can’t focus on anything but your feelings for this new guy. It could mean you have a great vacation planned and you’re so excited that you can’t focus on anything other than what to pack and where to go while you’re there. However, if you don’t have any of these things going on in your life yet you simply cannot concentrate – ever – it could mean you’re headed for burn out.

You’re Suddenly a Negative Nelly

When you suddenly realize that you’ve lost all sense of positivity in your life, it might be a sign you are, or are heading for, burn out. It’s normal to feel negative from time to time, but it’s not normal to feel negative at all times about everything, including those things you felt great about in the past.


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