The Reasons You’re Still Gaining Weight

weight gain

When you gain weight it’s easy to wonder what on earth is going on. I mean, you eat well, you exercise often and you’re working really hard to get into shape. So why are you gaining weight? The answer might not be obvious as many women tend to blame weight gain on lack of exercise and poor eating habits. If you’re exercising and eating well, you might wonder what hidden reason is causing you to gain weight.

Eating Sugar with Fat

When you combine foods filled with sugar with foods filled with fat, it’s a terrible combination. In fact, it’s the combination suggested to people who are actually looking to gain weight quickly. Your body is designed to digest carbohydrates first and to store fat. When you eat sugar and fat together, the fat is stored in your body and the sugary foods are digested. It’s a recipe for fast weight gain.

Eating Late at Night

To put it simply, your body cannot properly digest food while you are sleeping. For this reason, you should eat dinner early. Waiting until close to bedtime to consume dinner can cause you to unknowingly gain weight simply because your body isn’t digesting what you consumed. Improper digestion can cause an upset stomach as well as your body’s inability to absorb the nutrients it needs. Being inactive all night causes your body to stop burning calories.

Not Eating Enough

You might think you’re doing yourself a favor by skipping meals and not eating regularly, but you’re not. You’re actually causing yourself to gain weight (you gain by not eating, you gain by eating the good stuff, where’s the happy medium here?). Your body burns calories with a little something called your metabolism (perhaps you’ve heard of it?). Your metabolism doesn’t work properly if it doesn’t have enough fuel. Consider your metabolism is your vehicle. It won’t drive if it doesn’t have gas, or nutrients in this case. You have to eat enough to keep your metabolism in working order.

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