10 Reasons Why You Have High Blood Pressure

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There are at least 10 reasons why you have high blood pressure. There are likely more, but it’s wise to recognize these causes.

Sleep Apnea


It pays to know what sleep apnea does since it causes a person to stop and restart breathing throughout the night. But this causes high blood pressure because the constant stop and start is hell on the vascular system.

Irregular Sleep Schedule


Many people experience this, unfortunately, as life is busy and doesn’t always conform to our schedule. The problem is that high blood pressure can result from an irregular sleep schedule and can rise during the night and into the next day.

Holding it when you should find a bathroom


It’s not as easy to find a toilet depending on where you’re at. However high blood pressure can occur when you have a full bladder since this can raise your BP by several points.

Air Pollution


It does make some sense to think that air pollution can raise one’s BP. Some might want to argue that it’s not as big of a deal, but depending on how bad the pollution is, your BP can rise a bit if you’re breathing in dirty air.

Black Licorice


Yes, you read that correctly. But keep in mind that it’s not just licorice-flavored candy, we’re talking about actual licorice. A certain compound that’s found in licorice forces the body to retain salt, thereby raising the BP.



Sure, alcohol, a moderate amount, is said to be fine for the heart. However, too much drinking can negatively affect your BP.

Not Eating enough Fruits and Vegetables


More people need to understand that too much sodium is a great way to raise your bp. However, getting enough natural foods in your diet can counter that effect thanks to natural vitamins and minerals found in certain foods.

How active you are, or aren’t


Believe it or not, how much you interact with people can affect your BP. If you avoid crowds or even moderately crowded spaces, then your BP could rise when you finally interact with someone.



The more common medications that are pushed in large quantities can become a little dangerous if not taken in the proper proportions. It’s smart to ask your doctor what you actually need.

Unnecessary Sugar


A lot of stuff has sugar in it, and our body processes that in the best way it can. But when there’s too much added sugar your bp will rise.


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