How to Prevent Your Marriage from Making You Overweight

Marriage is a sweet deal when you find the right person to enter into it with. Being married to not only the love of your life, but your best friend can help make everything seem that much more exciting and that much more amazing. It can also make you a little lazy. Suddenly you’re not trying to impress one another anymore. You’re not trying to outdo your last date or look your best when he comes home…and your marriage might even be making you overweight.

You Spend Too Much Time On the Couch

It’s hard not to when you have kids and careers and a home and all the other stuff that comes along with being married and all adult-like. So when you have some free time to spend together, you’re spending it sprawled on the couch relaxing. And maybe even snacking; and it’s time to stop. Stop spending all your time on sedentary activities and start spending it being active.

Your Kids

You’re married. You have kids. You go out to eat on family date nights. You order the grilled salmon and broccoli and ask for your dressing on the side of your salad. You’re healthy; until your kids order mac and cheese or fries and chicken tenders and you find yourselves mindlessly munching food off of their plates just because. Stop it.

No Time

Your kids and your husband and your house and your career take up so much of your time you don’t have enough to work out or go to the gym or join a pilates class. It’s understandable.  Encourage the whole family to get out of the house and get some exercise. Take a walk. Play in the backyard; go on a bike ride. Just do something that counts as physical activity.

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