Is it Possible to Lose Weight Just by Breathing?


Lose weight by…breathing? Seriously? This sounds a lot like a dream come true. It sounds a lot like a very lazy, very simple way to lose weight while doing absolutely nothing but living. And it might actually be something that works like a charm. Okay, I’ve heard enough; sign me up. Wait! I’ve been breathing for 31 years and the only way I stay fit is by exercising and eating a healthy diet. Breathing never seems to help when I don’t do those things, so what are you saying? And what about all the people in the world who are overweight? They’re breathing, clearly since they’re alive, but they’re not losing weight. Obviously this is a scam, right? Wrong; there might actually be some medical and scientific proof that breathing can help you burn belly fat – for real. The only catch is that you can’t breathe. You have to breathe a certain way. Well, that still sounds easy to me, so let’s talk about it.

Exercise Outside

Did you know that fresh air has far more oxygen in it than recirculated air? This means that you might actually lose more weight if you exercise in the great outdoors where the air is fresh and wonderfully filled with oxygen. Instead of working out in a gym, get outside and get to sweating; it might help you lose more weight simply because of the way that you’re breathing when you are out there.

Practice Deep Breathing Exercises

Your normal breathing is not sufficient to keep you healthy and lose weight. You have to take some time to breathe deeply from the abdomen. Even when you only do this for a few minutes at a time you increase your oxygen intake, which helps to fuel your metabolism and cause you to lose weight more efficiently.

In short, breathing by itself is not going to help you lose weight. However, you can help yourself lose more weight by breathing deeply several times a day for good measure and by working out in the fresh air, where your metabolism and body benefits more from the experience.

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