Out of Pocket Surgeries That Are Well Worth the Expense

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Whether you’re uninsured and have always been a self-pay patient, or you have insurance but the cost of certain procedures isn’t covered under your plan, paying out of pocket for medical care is becoming more common. This is especially the case when it comes to so-called elective surgery. Just because a surgery is labeled “unnecessary” by insurance providers doesn’t mean it lacks the potential to significantly change your life for the better. Many elective surgeries have health benefits that justify the investment of paying full price and not taking a discount. Here are just a few out of pocket surgeries that are worth the cost of paying a bit extra.


Finding that your eyesight has become severely diminished can be frightening. Even those who don’t need significant vision correction often seek eye surgery, such as Lasik, because they’d like to go through life without wearing glasses and contacts. Whichever category you fall into, know this: Lasik works best when it is done with precision by a qualified refractive surgeon. Because of the knowledge and care that successful Lasik surgery requires and how vital vision correction can be to one’s quality of life and overall health, it’s baffling that health plans don’t cover the procedure. Still, you’ll have to pay your own way to get it done, and you’d be wise to spend as much as you can to have it done correctly.

Lasik has been around for decades now, leading many people to feel very comfortable about its safety and potential benefits. However, the safety of the procedure and how well you fare afterwards rest in the hands of the surgeon you choose. Look for a surgeon who is certified and specially trained to perform Lasik surgery. It’s also important to ask about the surgeon’s complication rate and whether enhancements are included in the lasik cost. Tour the surgery center as well — you want to get this procedure done in an office that’s well equipped to handle your care before, during, and after your Lasik procedure. The services of excellent eye surgeons and outpatient Lasik practices aren’t cheap, but you don’t want to skimp on costs when it comes to your eyesight.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery, commonly known as weight loss surgery, is more often than not a self-pay procedure. Unless you’re obese to the point that a doctor attests your weight will be the sure cause of your death if surgery is not performed, you have about a zero chance of getting your insurance plan to pay anything towards a bariatric procedure. Because weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery in london has become so popular, businesses have popped up around the country that specialize in providing value priced procedures such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeves, and duodenal switch. Some of these operations are located outside of the country and are apart of the medical tourism trade. Though the huge discounts may seem like a smart move, it’s best to pay a reputable surgeon instead.

The potential benefits of gastric procedures are enormous and can truly give you a new lease on life. However, bariatric surgery is notorious for its complications, including failure of the surgery methods and materials used. A great surgeon will not only have a better chance of not messing up your gastric procedure, but his practice will be able to provide more support as you heal and need advice. For instance, if you were to try calling one of the discount bariatric surgery centers two weeks after your procedure when you’re having complications, odds are you wouldn’t find anyone there willing to help beyond telling you to go to the emergency room. If you’re going to get bariatric surgery, invest the time and money into finding a reputable, skilled doctor.

Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Those who suffer with an inguinal hernia — a groin hernia — know how it can make simple everyday things such as exercising and coughing painful. You may be surprised to find out that your insurance doesn’t cover surgery to remove the hernia unless it starts to affect other parts of your body or block the blood supply to your intestine. Otherwise, physicians and insurers take a wait and see approach and health plans don’t pay for this surgery. Despite what the consensus says, paying out of pocket for inguinal hernia surgery is well worth the cost. The key to success is finding a skilled, experienced doctor — you want to secure someone to perform your surgery who is highly knowledgeable about the condition. This may mean shelling out extra cash, but getting rid of an inguinal hernia and the pain and symptoms that go along with it definitely justify the expense.


Most people know of rhinoplasty as a nose job, and very rarely is it ever required to save someone’s life — most people choose to get it for looks rather than function. Rhinoplasty is typically considered an elective cosmetic surgery that necessitates paying out of pocket, but it’s not just people who want to customize their noses who get the procedure. If the natural structure of your nose has made it difficult to breathe or you’ve incurred a facial injury that has damaged your nose and made it uncomfortable to breathe, rhinoplasty can bring you much needed relief. Regardless if you want nose surgery for the aesthetics or to improve your health, realize the importance of getting a top surgeon for your procedure.

It’s so easy for rhinoplasty to go wrong and for the results to be undesirable. A skilled plastic surgeon will be able to balance the size and shape of your “new” nose with the symmetry of your face. Most people know someone or have seen a celebrity with a bad nose job — it’s obvious and their noses don’t look like a natural part of their faces. The cost of correcting a badly done nose job is more than paying to have it done right in the first place, and having multiple surgeries comes with considerable pain and downtime. If you don’t want the world to know that you’ve had your nose done, you must spend a bit extra for a quality procedure.


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