Whataburger Nutrition Facts That Prove You Don’t Want to Order Any of These


Whataburger is not a fast food restaurant that’s as widely known as one like McDonalds (would you believe the nearest Whataburger to me is more than an hour away but there something like 17 McDonalds’ I can visualize in my mind between here and there?). However, it’s still a fast food restaurant in which millions of people dine each year. And most of those people are perfectly aware of what they’re eating, as well as the fact that what they’re eating isn’t good for them.

While it might not surprise you to learn that most of the meals at Whataburger have more calories in one meal than many people eat in two meals, it might surprise you to learn exactly which meals are the least healthy. Some might be exactly what you think; others might not be what you expected. Read on to see which three dishes from Whataburger have the most calories – and try not to be depressed when you realize that this calorie count does not include sides or drinks.

Pancake Platter with Sausage – 1090 Calories

Let’s all just take a minute to realize that ordering this delicious meal means you’re consuming more calories in one sitting than a person who is eating a recommended 1200 calorie a day diet in hopes of losing weight. That’s right; one meal – the first one of the day – at Whataburger has this many calories. It’s even sadder because this is not a burger or a lunch menu item. It’s breakfast.

Triple Meat Whataburger – 1080 Calories

If you’re truly honest with yourself, it should come as no surprise that a sandwich that contains triple meat has this many calories. What might surprise you, however, is that this is the calorie count before you add that 590-calorie order of onion rings. And if you plan on drinking anything other than a diet soda or water, you’re looking at another 100 calories at least.

Monterey Melt – 1150 Calories

Again, if you’re melting this much cheese on a burger, it’s going to be delicious but unhealthy. This particular burger has so many calories that you can’t actually afford to eat anything else with it. Actually, it’s not really a good idea if you’re looking to maintain good health to eat much of anything else the rest of the day if you consume something with this many calories. But since meal skipping is not healthy, we don’t recommend eating this burger at all.

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