Tilapia Nutrition: Good for Your or Not?


There’s been some debate in the past about whether or not tilapia nutrition is actually good for you. The consensus is that it is good for the body because this fish contains a high concentration of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which are great for health and development. However, the fish also contains something called Omega-6 Fatty Acids, which are said to be a bit less healthy. So what does this mean for those who wish to enjoy their tilapia a few times a month or week? It means that they now question whether or not what they eat is healthy enough or if it’s not good for their bodies. Rest assured, however, that tilapia nutrition is worth it. The fish is good for you, it’s not going to kill you, and that information is straight from the mouths of medical professionals and medical researchers. In short, you should still try to consume fish once or twice a week to gain the health benefits associated with consuming fish. With that said, we do have a few tips on how you can preserve tilapia nutrition rather than killing it with your cooking style.

Don’t Drown it in Butter

It’s something many people do (not a fan of tilapia here, but I occasionally do this with my salmon). Wrapping your fish in foil topped with a few lemon slices and a couple tablespoons of butter is delicious, but it’s not overly good for you.

No Fried Fish

You might as well have a burger and fries, in all honesty. Frying fish, to some, is delicious. But it practically eliminates all the healthy nutrition found in the fish and creates something far from healthy and nutritious.

Change it Up

Try different white fishes throughout the month rather than sticking to just the one type. Mackerel and salmon are both delicious and contain a great deal of healthy nutrition that will help your diet stay on track and your overall health thrive.

Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images


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