Three Tips on How to Lose Water Weight Fast


Looking great and feeling great are things you have to work on every single day of your life. A healthy, active lifestyle and a positive attitude will help you achieve the kind of body, mind and spirit you’ve always wanted. And then there’s the holidays; you gorge on amazing food, feel fat, happy and bloated for the rest of the day – you don’t care. And then you wake up. Suddenly you’re wishing you skipped that second (okay, okay, fourth) helping of everything on the table and tried to have a little self-control.

The bloated feeling you have can quickly give you a body complex that can go so far as to throw you completely off your feel-good health train and into a spiraling binge of donuts, oreos and red wine (or whatever) and make you feel even worse about yourself. While we don’t believe in quick-fixes (healthy, moderate eating and exercise all the way!), sometimes just need a quick-fix to help you lose a little water weight; and fast. It can make you feel good about yourself, and help you get back on track.

Drink Only Water

Skip everything else; sorry. It’s not fun, but it’s going to work well for you. Water can help you flush out water, believe it or not, and it’s going to help you drop water weight. You can’t avoid water, however, because it’s so bad for you. Drink it, and only it. Skip the coffee, wine and everything else you drink during the day. You need those 8 glasses of water to help you lose the water weight.

Wrap it Up

You can buy one of those expensive wraps and start getting to work, or you can make your own. Lather yourself up with a thick coat of lotion and wrap yourself in saran wrap before bed. Make it tight, but not so tight you can’t breathe. This is going to suck the excess water right out of your body as you sleep and allow you to lose a few pounds and even a few inches overnight.

Stick to a Strict Diet

Skip the salt and eat only proteins and fibers. This kind of diet can help you lose water weight up to 3 pounds in just one day. It’s a quick fix that’s not too bad for your body, but you do have to maintain a healthy diet and exercise to keep the weight off. Water weight always comes back, so you have to go ahead and work to keep it off, and the rest of the unhealthy weight as well.

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