Surprising Facts about Cabbage Nutrition


It’s so similar in packaging and appearance to lettuce (so I learned one night after arriving home from the store to my husband asking me where to find the lettuce and pointing out I bought cabbage), but it’s far healthier. Some people consume cabbage quite regularly, and others don’t eat it as much as they should. It’s the kind of food that would benefit just about everyone if they ate more of it, and we like to tell you that you have no idea just how good it is for you to eat a food like this. So what happens if you eat more cabbage? Let us tell you that there are so many health benefits that come from this particular food, and adding it into more of your daily meals will do nothing but benefit you in the most amazingly healthy manner. Read on to find out a few surprising health benefits of eating more cabbage. Cabbage nutrition is some of the best.

It’s Fiber-Filled

Fiber is a healthy addition to any meal because it helps you feel fuller faster and longer. This means, put simply, that you will find it possible to eat less and feel good longer. This is great for your diet and your waistline, and it’s also delicious.

Healthy Bones

We drink milk and orange juice for its ability to keep our bones healthy and strong, but did you know that eating cabbage can do the same thing? It’s so good for you that you’ll be able to eat as much of it as you want and have exceptionally healthy bones.

It’s a Natural Vitamin

Many people take a daily vitamin to help ensure that they are getting all the good health and nutrients that they need to live a long and healthy life, and cabbage is just like a multi-vitamin. By eating more of this, you will become healthier as a whole.

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