Pizza Hut’s New Subconscious Menu Machine Tells You What You Want to Order

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut isn’t overly healthy, and it’s not even the best pizza place in the world. However, it’s the most technologically advanced. Did you know that the next time you go into Pizza Hut, you can take a look at the menu and order your meal without actually speaking or even knowing what it is you want at the moment? The restaurant has introduced something they’re calling Tobii, a menu that will order for you based on your subconscious. Sounds a bit like a creepy sci-fi kind of deal, right? Right! Pizza Hut now offers subconscious menu ordering, and they’ll know what you want before you know what you want. I guess for the indecisive customer this will work wonders. For the rest of us, however, it’s a little bit creepy and a little bit intriguing.

So, how does it work? When you look at the menu, it will use its inner technology to check out what you’re looking at most and longest. Once it makes the decision for you, it will pop up on the order screen. If you like it, you can keep it. If not, you can look at the restart button and it will redo you order. It’s designed to make ordering faster and more accurate, but it’s currently only being tested in the UK. If that does well and pizza-orderers are happy with the way their ordering has turned out, they will bring it over the US to begin using it on customers here who want to order pizza but have no idea what it is they want to eat.

Of course, this new technology can’t make decisions for you, and it certainly can’t force you to eat healthy. But there are a few benefits to this that maybe you aren’t considering now that you’re stuck on the fact that a machine is going to read your mind to order pizza for you. After some thought, we’ve decided that there are some other benefits to this new menu order system at UK Pizza Hut locations.

It’s Fast

That’s pretty obvious given the fact that it’s virtually the point of the entire thing to begin with. However, that’s not the entire point. The entire point is that this is a very fast way to keep people happy when ordering and also to ensure you don’t have a lot of standing around and holding up the line or wait staff looking to help others as well. We think it will be even faster because the idea that the machine knows what you want will stick with people. We think that they will likely believe that the machine is right even when it’s not because that’s what it’s there for and most people don’t like to disagree with technology. It seems like it’ll speed things up tremendously.

It’s Healthy

Okay, so you are out for pizza but you know you should be eating a salad or some veggies or something healthy. Your subconscious knows that you shouldn’t be eating a bunch of junk, so it’s working hard to ensure that you don’t. It’s working to ensure that you are going to eat that salad, because it’s going to tell you that by where your eyes go. You can use this to see what you really want, what you really need and how you’re going to be happy eating tonight. What do we mean? Well, if you’re subconscious knows you need a salad but you aren’t feeling so certain, it will tell you. You will know based on your order of a salad or healthy pizza that eating a fatty pizza is going to subconsciously going to leave you feeling down about yourself later in the night.

It’s a Simple Way to Pick

If you’re going back and forth doing the, “I don’t care; whatever you want,” deal with your spouse or friends, this is going to put an end to that. You’ll know you’re lying the second you look at the menu and it picks a pizza for you. So essentially, this is going to make the dinner decision easier on everyone since you won’t be able to deny you want something specific. It’s also a great way to see what the rest of the family wants so that you can all come up with a compromise that will work for each of you. We also love that it will pick out liars in your group that won’t eat because they don’t want to be a nuisance.

Pizza Hut Sales Will Go Up

Here’s the real deal; we think that the best thing that this machine will provide is increased sales for the pizza restaurant. Why is that? Because we are all beyond curious right now what we really want, and now we all want to go there and see what a machine tells us about ourselves. Be honest; you’re reading this hoping it is super successful in the UK so that they will bring it here for you to try. The second word gets out about this, people will be lining up at the door to try it out in hopes that they get to experience this cool feature. We all know it. And we think that’s what’s going to be the best benefit from this new machine. The Pizza Hut menu becoming one that reads your mind is an intriguing thing; people will love this.

Overall, we don’t know if the Pizza Hut menu is going to be more difficult or simpler to deal with now that it can read your mind, but we do know that it sounds like an awesome experiment. If only we could have this sort of decision making machine in every aspect of our lives. It would really help to have someone around to make decision for us and tell us what we really want, but what we aren’t sure we really want just yet. When the Pizza Hut subconscious menu comes to the US, we think everyone will be lining up to try this new machine.

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