Pei Wei Nutrition Facts: It’s Not What You Thought

Pei Wei

The good news for lovers of Pei Wei is that it’s an Asian diner, and the native food, cooking style and eating habits in Asian countries are far superior to those of American eating habits. If you’re going to eat out and skip a healthy, home cooked meal, this is probably a great place to do that. You’ll end up with menu items that are far healthier, less fat and less filled with calories than you will if you eat somewhere such as McDonalds. It should come as no surprise, but many people are completely unaware of the fact that healthy eating is something that begins with understanding what you’re consuming.

The misconception here is that just because Pei Wei is an Asian diner, it’s far better to eat here. It’s not necessarily true. This is an Asian Diner that has some of the highest calorie meals in fast food. What we’ve done is go through the menu so we can provide you with some nutrition facts that might surprise you as well as some tips that might help you make better ordering choices when you dine here.

1,200-Calories Plus

Do you know how many items on the Pei Wei menu have more than 1,200 calories without any added features such as extra sauce or sides? A lot of them, to be honest. The fried rice with chicken and the fried rice with vegetables and tofu might seem like good, healthy items, but both contain more than 1,200 calories. Most of the fried rice dishes do, most of the salads do, and so do most of the wok entrees. In fact, almost every wok recipe has more than 1,000 calories, and have significantly more than 1,200 calories.

Side Items

It’s no big deal to add a few rolls or wontons to a meal since they’re so healthy, right? Wrong. At Pei Wei, most of these items are not healthy, and they’re hi-cal. For example, those ‘healthy’ pork egg rolls have 700 calories between four, and that’s before you add the sauce. Even the spring veggie rolls without sauce have a staggering 460 calories, and they’re not supposed to be bad for you.

Tips for Healthier Eating

The best suggestion would be to eat here as little as possible, if ever. But since we can’t talk people out of what they love for the sake of their health, we’ve decided that we can help you minimize calories a big. Skip the sauce, always. Order the smallest portion possible, always. Split your meals with friends; they’re big so it’s not that difficult. These will save you a few calories, and hopefully some of your health.

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