Panera Bread’s Healthiest Bagel Nutrition will Shock You


Just the smell of Panera Bread is addicting, but you know you can’t eat there all the time or you’re never going to fit into your pants. However, you just can’t stop driving through the drive-thru and making purchases that you know are going to set the precedent for the rest of your day. Their breakfast food is amazing, and probably the main reason so many of us eat here. However, it’s just not that good. And a good old-fashioned bagel is always delicious. However, after going in there and checking out the nutrition on my favorite breakfast bagel,  I was a little shocked at how many calories are in one small bagel (and forget the cream cheese).

If you’re like me and you’re addicted to bagels at Panera (or anywhere, probably) you might want to know a little more about the nutrition facts associated with the breakfast you’re consuming. I can tell you which bagels to order to save the most calories, and I can assure you now that you need to eat that thing plain, because butter and cream cheese are going to kill us all.

Sprouted Grain Bagel (Flat) – 240 Calories

Believe it or not, this is the healthiest bagel on the menu, and it’s a flat bagel. You can’t order it with any toppings, but you can enjoy the flavor. After all, it’s not a plain bagel, and it is a carb, so that makes it delicious by nature. Just be sure to order this one without any additives, or it will be a lot less healthy.

Plain Bagel – 290

Of course, you might think this is the bagel with the least amount of calories, but it’s not. Despite the fact that it has nothing on it, it still has 290 calories. When you add cream cheese to it (the recommended serving, not even the actual serving that most people provide you with), you make this bagel become so unhealthy it’s not even funny. Would you believe with cream cheese you’re looking at 480 calories?

Everything Bagel – 300 Calories

Seems ironic, right? The bagel with everything on it has only 10 calories more than the bagel with nothing on it? And a bagel with more stuff on it than the nothing bagel has fewer calories; it’s just mindboggling. Either way, you can get a little of everything and still only consume an additional 10 calories than you would eating a plain bagel. Go figure.

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