What do You Pack for Your Kids for Lunch?


That moment when you sit down for a picnic lunch in the park with a group of women and your children and you open up your kids’ lunchables only to realize that half the other moms have pulled out their personalized veggie sandwiches made from scratch and all organic meals; and you hand your kid her processed meat and cheese and tell her to dig in. It happens. The good news for me is that now I have four kids and I really could not care less what other moms think of me and how I feed my kids. I also don’t care how they feed theirs. I have no problem with the occasional lunchable or fast food meal when it’s convenient or easier because I know my kids are eating well most other meals throughout the day. Additionally, I’m confident in my stellar parenting skills, so I’m not bothered (I also have four kids that includes infant twins and a full time work-from-home career so I don’t have time (nor the desire) to cook and create kitchen masterpieces. And my past attempts have also earned me a kitchen ban as far as my family is concerned).

But the question remains; what do you feed your kids for lunch? What do you send them to school with for a nutritious meal? It might seem like a simple answer, but it is anything but simple. In fact, I have two kids in school and their lunch boxes could not look any different because I just want them to eat SOMETHING throughout the day, so I send what I know they will eat. Want to compare and then judge? Here we go:

Addison (6)

Addison gets a bottle of water (because she refuses to drink anything but water – go girl!), a turkey lunchabe – from which she eats the crackers and the oreos – goldfish, Pringles, and an apple (because she does love an apple) as well as a cheesestick  (mozzarella, because all others are disgusting in her professional opinion). She is our picky eater and really does not like much at all, so we send what we know she will eat and at least not go hungry all day.

Ava (4)

Ava is our good eater. Her lunch usually includes either a lunchable or macaroni and cheese, a whole cucumber cut up, strawberries, grapes, a fruit cup filled with pears, applesauce, goldfish, a strawberry yogurt, milk and raisins. Ava will literally eat fruit and veggies all day, every single day.

What do you send your kids to school with? What looks good or what they will actually eat?

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images


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