The Onion Nutrition You Didn’t Know About


Every single time my husband cringes as I add onion to a dish, I raise my eyebrows. It doesn’t matter that we’ve been doing this dance now for almost 14 years; his lack of love for the onion is perplexing to me. I don’t get it. They’re so flavorful and delicious. I’ve even attempted to explain to him that onion nutrition is actually real, and that these do great things for our health. It simply does not matter. He hates onions and refuses to listen. He picks them out of everything we make. It’s sad to me. In fact, I don’t even know why I married him (kidding, of course). His lack of love of onions is his one flaw, and that I can almost accept. That said, however, onions really are good for us. They are packed with nutrition that can help us live healthier lives. If you’re not convinced (honey), read on to find out why you should consume more onions in your daily diet.

Improved Immunity

There are many benefits associated with eating onions, and one of them is an improved immune system. Since you need your immune system every single day to ward off health issues, you might want to consider strengthening it by adding some onions to your daily life.

Cancer Prevention

If you’re looking to prevent cancer, you might want to eat more onions. There is something in them that works to help fight off the onset of cancer, which is good news for everyone. You do want to avoid cancer, so this is a simple way to make that more of a possibility.

They Heal Infections

The many vitamins and minerals found in onions make it possible for you to heal more quickly from infection. This could be minor or more serious infection; it doesn’t actually matter. The truth is that you will heal more quickly and experience better health.

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