You Do Not Want to Know Just how Little Nutrition is in a Texas Roadhouse Roll

texas roadhouse rolls

Ask anyone why they eat at Texas Roadhouse, and they’re going to answer one of three ways: It’s cheap to eat and drink here, it doesn’t matter how loud the kids are because everyone is loud and they all throw their food on the floor, or the rolls. Mostly, people just come here for the rolls. This is not a high-end restaurant or a romantic restaurant or even a great place for happy hour. However, it’s got good food, good drinks and the best bread and cinnamon butter you’ve ever tasted in your entire life. It’s addicting.

Ask anyone if they think about just how unhealthy the food they’re eating at Texas Roadhouse is, or how much nutrition they think those rolls have in them, and they’re bound to shut you down right there. No one wants to think about the lack of nutrition in Texas Roadhouse rolls, and we get it. We don’t want to know we’re eating 3 pounds of fat in one sitting. We just don’t. For the sake of all our diets, however, we do need to discuss this information just a bit.

So, just how many calories are we looking at when we take a bite of a Texas Roadhouse roll? You might want to sit down for this; 227 calories per roll. If you’re like me and you order several baskets and glare at anyone who tries to touch the rolls, you’re probably consuming 3000 calories a night just in rolls.

But wait; that doesn’t include the cinnamon butter that you probably try to subtly lick out of the small bowl in which they bring it. After all, aren’t the rolls just an excuse to eat the butter? Now you really need to sit down. Actually, maybe you’d better get up and do some jumping jacks or go for a jog. Each serving of this decadent butter has 125 calories. That means each roll you consume is approximately 350 calories. That’s really depressing; but we all know no one is going to stop.

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