MasterChef Judge George Calombaris Bans His Young child from Eating McDonald’s


MasterChef judge George Calombaris has banned his son from eating McDonald’s. Instead, the chef has reveals that he sends his four-year-old son James to birthday parties at the fast-food chain with a healthy packed lunch.  “My son knows … we’ll drive past a certain fast food chain and he’ll go, ‘that’s bad in there, isn’t it, Dad?’ and I explain it’s not about bad, it’s about having choices in life,” the chef told News Limited.

Supporting the renowned chef, Dietitians Association of Australia spokesperson Julie Gilbert reminds us that it’s incredibly important to teach our young children about the importance of discretion with food.   “If you put a blanket ban on it, kids never understand what that actually means … and [if] you can actually give them much better understanding about ‘okay, this is why we don’t choose this food’ or ‘we only have this in moderation’ you’ll find they have a much healthier approach long term to food and healthy eating.”

When Calombaris was asked about his decision to ban his son, he said that he approaches food like a “religion.”  “In life, we’ve all got religions. Some are Buddhists, some are this, some are that, whatever, and we respect people in Australia for whatever religion that is. For me, I look at food like my religion and I have my beliefs in food,” he said.

The trimmed down chef’s latest venue, Mastic, follows his new clean-eating lifestyle. The wholefoods cafe serves acai bowls and salads washed down with on-trend tonic, kombucha.

Do you agree or disagree with what Calombaris did?


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