How to Make Cheap Healthy Meals More Often


Eating healthy food is something many people forgo. Some say it’s because healthy food is too expensive. Others say it’s because healthy cooking requires too much work. Others think they are eating a healthy diet because they only eat salads when they order fast food from their favorite restaurants. There are so many things that people are doing wrong when it comes to healthy eating, but there is a big misconception that because food is expensive some people can’t afford to eat healthy items. This is not true. You can eat healthy and you can do it for next to nothing. We have a few tips that can turn your meals into healthy meals that are cheap and delicious without sacrificing anything. You will get the great flavor you want, the low prices that make your budget happy and the kind of nutrition that’s going to cost you less money at the doctor and invest in your healthy future.

Eat the Right Salad

You know what makes salads so expensive to make? All the stuff you put on top. Those are also the things that make your salads less healthy. So let’s skip all the disgusting additives such as croutons and flavored toppings, and certainly the expensive dressings, and just eat salad. Fresh veggies and fruits in it will make it healthy, and not even remotely expensive. Make your own dressing with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and you’re healthy and cheap tonight.

Grill Chicken

Chicken is delicious when it’s cooked the right way. Sure, breaded and fried and cooked with a ton of stuff on it or in it is good, but what about simple chicken grilled with just seasonings you grow in your own garden? This is going to make chicken so affordable and so delicious, and it’s going to make it a lot healthier than it would be if you put a bunch of ‘stuff’ all over it.

Portion Control

You know how much money you could save on food and how many calories you can take away from a meal just by watching your portions? Portion control not only leaves plenty of ingredients for next time you cook, making your food cheaper all together since you’re using ingredients longer, it also makes it healthier. Consider this; it helps.

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