The Level of Nutrition Edamame has to Offer is HIghly Beneficial to Women

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If food could be trendy, edamame would be the Christian Louboutin of the food industry. In all seriousness, this little green vegetable has suddenly become one of the ‘coolest’ and most ‘in’ foods around, even for those who typically don’t eat things that one would consider healthy and beneficial. For the most part, people might not know just how much nutrition is in a serving of edamame, no matter how you prepare the dish. We’re not going to question the validity of this new eating trend, or try to destroy it in any way, but we are going to say that we are absolutely delighted so many people have hopped on board the edamame train in terms of nutrition and health.

With so much goodness packed into each serving, it’s amazing so many people love this food. It’s too good to be healthy, right? They’re considered a snack food in many restaurants, and superstars snack on them all the time, making them very ‘in’ style. If you’re an edamame fan, or you need to become one, you might love knowing what health benefits this amazing little green soybeans have to offer.

Added Fiber

Too many of us don’t get enough fiber in our daily diet, which is why edamame could become our best friend. With just one serving, which is a half cup, you consume 9 grams of fiber. Since most Americans don’t even come close to getting enough fiber in their diets each day, it’s a good idea to get on board with 9 grams with just a snack. To maintain optimum health, doctors recommend women consume 25 grams of fiber to a man’s 38 grams per day.


When was the last time you had a half cup of anything that only had 120 calories? This is a great food to snack on because of its low calories, and because of the many vitamins and nutrients found inside that will help you lose weight and get healthy as quickly as possible. This is also a snack food that will leave you feeling fuller longer, which is great for that overwhelming desire so many of us have to snack later in the day.

Improved Cholesterol

Medical professionals believe that regularly consuming soy products such as edamame can drastically reduce the high cholesterol levels many women experience in their lifetime. This means you could end up healthier as a whole, and just by snacking on something that’s really delicious in the first place.


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