Healthy Alternatives to Nutrition Zone Supplements


Nutrition Zone is well-known across the country for being your go-to supplier for all things ‘health’ related. The store sells supplements, energy drinks and other items that are designed to help you get fit, improve your overall health and help you become a healthier person. However, there is much controversy over the items that are available at Nutrition Zone. For the most part, the studies that have been done on nutritional supplements are, according to Harvard Medical School, not always what they seem to be. Many of these supplements aren’t helpful, some are, and others are downright dangerous for some people. Before you take your business to Nutrition Zone, it might be helpful to speak to your doctor. Your personal health plays a large role in just how effective or ineffective supplements can be for your overall health, and there are several alternatives to supplementing. That’s not to say your doctor won’t recommend certain supplements that might help you; but it’s always better to make sure what you’re taking is good for your personal health history. We have a few alternatives that might help you instead of supplements.

Eat More Fiber

It’s so easy to eat fiber when you add a lot of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. A good helping of broccoli at dinner, a banana on the go, a smoothie made from fresh veggies and fruit and even a good old-fashioned piece of white or whole grain toast will help add a tremendous amount of fiber to your diet. And each one of those suggestions is delicious and good for your overall health.

Consume More Calcium

Medical professionals state that most Americans are seriously lacking in the calcium department, and it’s time to do your health a favor and drink a little more- or eat a little more. How about adding a serving of low-fat Greek yogurt to your diet? How about enjoying a cup of almond milk in the morning? There are several ways you can add more calcium to your diet without taking questionable supplements.

Eat More Iron

This is one of the most essential nutrients in a person’s life, and most of us aren’t getting enough each day. To increase your iron intake, add more healthy meats to your diet. Consider adding healthy servings of baked turkey or chicken, hardboiled eggs and even health portions of beef to your diet to help you consume the recommended amount of iron each day. You’ll want to talk to your doctor about the recommended intake for your size, age and gender for each essential nutrient and go from there.

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