What Would Happen to Your Nutrition Eating Dairy Queen Once a Day?

Dairy Queen

Where have all the Dairy Queens gone? Is it just me, or does it feel like no matter how hard you look for one, they’re just nowhere to be found anymore? This delicious ice cream seems so difficult to find anymore, and that’s a bit depressing when all you want is a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard to satisfy your sweet tooth. When you can’t find a Dairy Queen near your home anymore, perhaps it’s not the worst thing that ever happened. Perhaps it’s good they’re nowhere to be found anymore unless you are on a road trip to nowhere. When you really think about it, not being able to have a Dairy Queen blizzard is a much better option in terms of your personal nutrition. Ice cream is not the worst dessert in the world, it’s not the least healthy; but blizzards are pretty unhealthy. Even the smallest mini has more than 400 calories in just a few small bites (makes you want to cry, doesn’t it?). On that note, we’ve decided to make everyone feel better by telling you just what would happen if you ate a Dairy Queen blizzard (a small one) every single day for one year.

You’d Consume 259,150 Calories

One small blizzard (we’re going with cookie dough) has 710 calories. That’s a grand total of 259,150 calories a year you’d be consuming if you decided to indulge yourself every single day in one blizzard for one year. It might not seem like a small dessert every single day is that bad for you, but this just goes to show that it really is.

You’d Gain 74 Pounds

If you didn’t get any physical activity into your daily schedule eating a blizzard every single day, you’d gain 74 pounds a year. That’s more than a pound a week you’d gain. That’s a lot of weight. One small serving contains more calories than many actual meals – and that’s a lot of food.

You’d Need to Run 444 Hours to Burn Those Calories

An average 125-pound person would burn approximately 583.3 calories an hour running at a 6 mile per hour speed. This person would need to run at this rate for 444 hours to burn off all those calories eaten throughout the year. That means you’d have to spend over an hour a day running at a fast speed to burn off fewer calories than that one blizzard contained – and that doesn’t even count all the other food you consumed that day.

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