Five Chipotle Nutrition Facts That Will Amaze You

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A lot of people love the food that comes from Chipotle, a chain restaurant that serves Mexican food. However, most people assume that what they are eating is healthy because it’s Mexican, and that is a culture that’s known for using fresh food that’s a bit healthier than other cultures. Unfortunately, this is just not true when it comes to the food you get at this chain restaurant. Read on to find out some shocking nutrition facts.

Barbacoa Burrito Bowl

This dish is one that many people assume is healthy. While it only has 170 calories, this is for only 4 ounces – and the servings here are far more than four ounces. One serving contains 510 mg of sodium, which is just over 21 percent of your daily recommended intake. What does this mean? This means a bowl of this could give you too much salt.

Steak Burrito Bowl

This is a less sodium-filled option for people who have to watch their sodium intake, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy. One serving is 4 ounces, but the regular serving here is far more. Additionally, this bowl has 22 percent of the daily recommended allowance of cholesterol, which means you could be doing damage to your health consuming this particular product.


Some people assume that burritos are not that unhealthy, but they’re wrong. One serving of a burrito is not one burrito – it’s four ounces of one burrito (and that’s not even half of one). One serving has 50 percent of your sodium allotment for the day, 480 calories and 28 percent of your daily saturated fat allowance.

Chicken Salad

Well, here’s a safe choice, right? Wrong. Even a fast food salad such as this is not good for you. Before you even add dressing into the mix, only 6.5 ounces (a small portion of this salad) has 200 calories. It also has 38 percent of your daily cholesterol recommended intake, which means more than one serving could put you over the edge of your daily allotment.


Believe it or not, if you’re going to Chipotle, you should get a taco. It has the lowest amount of sodium, the lowest amount of saturated fat and the lowest amount of cholesterol than the other dishes. Most people would assume this is not true, and that’s why so many people make unhealthy choices here.

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