Find out the Nutrition Information in your Favorite Outback Dishes


Outback might not be a high-end steakhouse that pairs wonderful bottles of wine with decadent cuts of meat, but it’s not bad. It’s a chain restaurant and it works when you’re in the mood for something quick and casual, and especially when you are in the mood for a bloomin’ onion. After all, who doesn’t love that entirely unhealthy addition to any meal? We all love the food at Outback, and we love to spend some time here with a delicious margarita, a steak and an onion the size of our heads. However, what we don’t love about this place is the fact that you know everything you’re putting into your mouth is plotting against your waistline. Some things on the Outback menu might sound like they contain more good nutrition than bad, but the best stuff really doesn’t. Here’s what your favorite Outback menu items are really putting inside your body. Sit down; and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Bloomin’ Onion – 1948 Calories

There are more calories in one bloomin’ onion that most women are allowed to eat for good health in one day. That’s a lot of calories, and that’s a lot of calories from fat. This is one of the least healthy things you can order when you go to Outback, so you need to be sure you share with others and prevent yourself from eating the entire thing alone.

12 oz. Outback Special – 605 Calories

This is steak served with fresh cut vegetables. Believe it or not, it’s actually one of the healthier items on the menu. To keep this item as healthy as possible, skip the sauce and do not add any starches to your meal. This means you’re going to want to avoid anything that is brought to the table prior to your meal beginning as well or you’re going to consume far more calories.

Alice Springs Chicken with Salad – 1069 Calories

It’s chicken and it’s salad, so it must be pretty good for you, right? Wrong. This is the calorie count before you even get to add something like a baked potato or veggies to the side. It’s literally a salad and a piece of chicken and its toppings and it has almost 1100 calories. It’s too much for one person. Skip the sides, ask for no dressing or cheese or croutons on the salad and then go ahead and eat the lunch portion of this chicken.

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