How to Encourage a Little IHOP Nutrition


IHOP is a house of pancakes and people love it. Despite the fact that it’s all but fast food in the minds of many, there is something so appealing and delicious about pancakes. Even though, to be honest, I always get the Belgian waffle when I have to eat here; the pancakes are still good. Pancakes are a comfort food, and that’s why people love them so much. When you make the decision to eat a meal at IHOP, however, we both know that you’re not doing it because you assume that IHOP nutrition levels are through the roof good for you. You know you’re not getting much in terms of nutrition here, but you do want something good and sweet, and something that you don’t have to clean up or prepare. So with that said, we figured we might as well help you remove some of the guilt from your next meal at IHOP by offering you a few ways to make your meal a little healthier the next time you’re here.

Skip the Extras

You might love pancakes sprinkled with chocolate chips, but you can skip those. It doesn’t make the pancakes taste bad, it just makes them taste less like chocolate (read; nothing like chocolate) which is going to save a lot of calories and some serious post-pancake guilt.

Add Fruit

There are so many toppings and sides you can add to your meal when you dine at IHOP, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose the ones that aren’t good for you. Have you ever had a pancake covered in strawberries and a little whipped cream? It’s delicious and you should try it.

Don’t Get Anything Stuffed

Stuffed French Toast, stuffed pancakes; it’s all stuffed with things like cream cheese and other decadence, but it’s just plain bad for you. You don’t want to deal with this and the fact that you will then feel so guilty the rest of the day that you won’t be able to look at yourself in the mirror.

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