Egg White Nutrition vs. Egg Yolk Nutrition


How many times do you hear that eating the yolk of your eggs is going to kill you, or that it’s filled with cholesterol or that it’s not good for you. But did you know that most people have no idea just what kind of nutrition is in an egg white or even an egg yolk? Much of what we think we know is the opinion of others passed down from generation to generation; it’s like kids who say they don’t like XYZ simply because their parents don’t like XYZ even though they’ve never actually tried it or given it a chance. It’s just what’s been taught to you and that’s just what you believe. So before you go denying yourself an entire egg because you don’t want to die of high cholesterol, let’s find out just how much nutrition is found in the white of an egg versus the yolk of an egg.

Egg Yolk Nutrition

With 55 calories, it seems like it’s not as healthy as an egg white. Of course, it’s not. It does contain the vast majority of the unhealthy items found in an egg, but yolks are actually very good for you in terms of other nutrients found in the egg. It’s filled with protein, and more healthy vitamins than even the white of the egg contains. This makes it a healthy option, but it’s not one you should eat in bulk. For example, if you like scrambled eggs, try eating two scrambled egg whites and one yolk to keep it as healthy as possible while still receiving the most possible nutrition.

Egg White Nutrition

With only 17 calories per serving, it’s amazing just how few calories this part of an egg contains. And additionally, this is a great protein-filled food. It contains the majority of the protein found in eggs, and it’s by far the healthiest portion of an egg to consume. This is what makes it so healthy, and it’s what makes it so good for you to make sure you don’t leave out this part when you eat an egg.

In short, it’s not a bad thing to eat the yolk of an egg, but it’s not the best thing to eat too much of it. Just keep this food one of those things you eat in moderation and you will get the best of both worlds in your diet.

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