You Don’t Need the TGI Fridays Nutrition Menu for These Healthy Tips

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays is a great casual dining experience for anyone looking to have a few cocktails, some rather unhealthy appetizers and some good, fun times. What I personally love most about TGI Fridays is the fact that they’re located in many airports, and that means there is always a place we can sit down in between flights or waiting on our plane to board. This is a method of relaxation we appreciate and we look forward to when we are traveling. However, there is nothing about the TGI Fridays menu that screams “Nutrition,” so we certainly don’t eat here to exercise our good health and keep our waistlines trim. So what we do to avoid the travel bloat and the guilty feelings is consider what we can do to make eating here a little bit healthier. You don’t have to look at the TGI Fridays nutrition  menu for these tips; just look here and remember them the next time you head to a chain restaurant for an airport meal.

Share Items

Don’t order anything for yourself; especially an appetizer. The portion sizes are way too big and the calories in these items are so overwhelming you won’t be able to stand how many you’re eating. Well, you will, but afterward you’re going to feel pretty guilty. Order items to share and you’ll feel much better.

Stick with Low-Cal Drinks

Water is your best choice. However, if you’re going the cocktail route as so many do, stick with something that’s not loaded with calories. Light beer, rum with a diet soda or even a small glass of wine are all healthier than drinking anything that’s frozen, on the rocks or filled with a number of ingredients. Just remember to keep it simple and you’ll find that it’s much healthier.

Put Extras on the Sides

Even salads aren’t healthy if they’re loaded with extras. Get your dressings and your cheese and croutons on the side, or don’t order them at all. This is going to eliminate a number of calories that will make you feel very guilty and overwhelmed, so go ahead and skip those so you can feel a little bit better about what you’re ordering.

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for TGI Fridays


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