Celery Nutrition Makes it One of the Healthiest Foods to Consume


Celery seems kind of boring doesn’t it? It’s not fun unless you dip it in something delicious, such as buffalo chicken dip or ranch. Cream cheese is also really good on celery. Of course this does not mean you can’t eat celery raw, but most people choose not to. We’ve decided it probably matters, but we don’t care. It’s good to eat it raw, but as long as you’re eating it in some way, shape or form, you’re getting the good nutrition you need to benefit your body. We’re willing to bet you have no idea just how good celery is for your body, either, do you? Did you know that it’s one of the healthiest foods you could possibly consume? Did you know it’s so good for you that you should eat it every day? There’s a lot you don’t know about this super food, but we are about to tell you all about it.

There’s Only 10 Calories

In fact, it could be said that some people burn off more calories than this just burning off their calories, which would make it a negative calorie food. It has 10 calories per stalk, but your body often burns more calories actually burning calories than it does to consume this, so you’re getting negative calories and still filling up.

It’s Stress Relieving

Did you know that celery contains magnesium, which is something that helps you calm down and relax when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Well, it does. It’s a great solution for those times when you are feeling so overwhelmed you can’t help yourself, and we say there’s no better reason to eat it than this.

Goodbye Acne

Celery is filled with nutrients, but also anti-inflammatory agents. This means it is going to help prevent you from swelling. If you’re breaking out, eating celery can help to reduce the effects of inflammation and cause you to look and feel better about yourself.

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