Is Butter Really All That Bad for You?


Butter – said in my most amazing Paula Deen accent – is a food group here in the south. But rumor has it that it’s not all that good for us. Well, if loving butter is wrong, I don’t want to be right. It’s so good. It makes everything taste amazing. It’s delicious and it’s good and it’s…it’s so many good things I could go on for hours. I won’t, for the sake of time and the fact that I am now hungry. However, butter is good and it really does add a lot to a dish. With that said, however, we’re here to tell you that a little butter consumption is not going to kill you. In fact, unless you’re eating it by the stick, you’re doing all right. And since everything you do in life is eventually going to kill you, we vote that you go forth and eat the butter. And don’t feel guilty, because it’s not all that bad for you.

Saturated fats are long since thought to be very bad for us, but it’s not really as bad as it sounds. In fact, butter is filled with good saturated fats that aren’t terrible, or awful. Some of the fats contained in butter can actually help your metabolism work harder and faster and help lead to more weight loss. There are several other good things about butter, such as the fact that it is something that can lower your risk of a heart attack – in comparison with margarine – and it’s actually associated with a lower obesity risk.

That said, butter is good. Butter is great. Butter is important. Just don’t eat it by the stick or add it to your meals quite like Paula Deen and chances are good that you’ll be just fine consuming a little butter on your next piece of toast.

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