How Banana Nutrition Can Improve Your Health


Most people either love bananas or hate them; there’s very little in between (and the haters are mostly haters for texture reasons). Despite their kind-of disgusting feel and their mushy texture, bananas are so, so good for you in terms of nutrition. In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find other food items that pack as much of a health punch as this amazing food, which is why so many people eat these amazing fruits. If you’re not a banana eater, we should encourage you to include one in your diet a few days a week. You really have no idea what you are missing.

Not only are these amazing fruits good at keeping you as healthy as can be, they can even prevent health issue such as some forms of kidney cancer and eye disease, they can also help you grow stronger bones and protect your health in other ways. If you’re still not convinced this is the food for you, we can give you three more pretty convincing reasons to add bananas to your daily diet.

Cure Depression

Tryptophan is a chemical found in bananas that turns into serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a feel-good chemical that, surprise, helps you feel good. It helps to lower levels of depression and anxiety, stress and upset. You’re bound to feel a lot better when you take the time to eat bananas, because your body is going to produce more happiness than not, and you’re going to feel better for it.

Goodbye Morning Sickness

Pregnant? Then you might want to consider having a banana in the morning to help even out your levels of blood sugar to help you protect yourself from morning sickness. Not only does it make you feel good and help your baby, it can also give you that feeling of happiness once again in the morning. You won’t believe how fast you miss out on that until it’s just too late.

Constipated No More

Bananas are awesome for people who are experiencing a little bit of constipation. They’re great for clearing out your system and making you feel good again. Eating a banana when you feel a bit constipated will get you going – literally. You’ll feel much better because of it.

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