So How Bad is Nutella Breakfast Cereal For You?


There is a nationwide epidemic that worries me. It’s not the onset of measles or the fact that people just don’t see what skipping out on vaccinations is doing to this country. It’s not ISIS and what’s happening overseas, and it’s not even the proposed ban on yoga pants that has me worried. It’s Nutella; it has me worried. People like it too much, and it’s just not that exciting (and cue the hate mail). I’m sure that everyone has different tastes and preferences and that not everyone loves Nutella,  but the obsession that the world has with this chocolate (is it even chocolate) food spread – stuff – has gotten a little out of control. I mean, let’s be honest here; Nutella has actually made itself into a breakfast cereal and it’s got people all aflutter. Someone has actually come up with a way to turn it into cereal so that they can just eat it in the morning and not feel guilty (because we all know that cereal is 100% healthy and good for our bodies) and the craze has only just begun.

But wait; is it even good for you? We have done some research to find out if Nutella is all that good for us, and whether or not eating as cereal in the morning is a good idea. The answer is no; it’s not healthy. Did you know that only two tablespoons of Nutella contains approximately 200 calories? Did you know that the same amount contains 21 grams of sugar when the recommended intake for the average woman is only 25 grams per day?

We could go on, but the truth is that we don’t think we need to after sharing what we’ve already shared. Who wants that kind of lack of health in just one meal, especially first thing in the morning? You might as well just eat a cinnamon roll – they’re so much more delicious and just as unhealthy.

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