An Avocado a Day is Great for Your Nutrition


Anything rich and decadent tastes amazing; and that’s why we love avocados so much. Not only are they the key ingredient in our favorite accompaniment – guacamole – they are so rich in vitamins and nutrients that it’s really not even funny. What really isn’t funny, however, is all the fat and the calories found in an avocado. For a green fruit that grows on a tree, it’s pretty unhealthy in terms of weight loss, even if it is healthy enough to provide consumers with a good dose of their daily intake of vitamins and minerals. We call this a catch 22. You love it; but you can’t eat too much of it. It’s really good for you, but you can’t eat too much of it.

You can, however, eat avocado because this is one fruit that might not be good for your weight, but it’s great for your overall nutrition. Forget about the calories and the fat for a minute and let’s focus on all the benefits associated with consuming avocados – in moderation, of course.

Your Skin Will Look Amazing

Avocados are filled with vitamins A and E, and both are wonderful for your skin. If you want to look young, fresh and healthy forever, we recommend that you eat an avocado as often as possible to help encourage your skin to look young and radiant as you grow older. It’s an inexpensive and simple way to reduce the appearance of age in your skin.

Avocados are Great for Expectant Moms

Filled with folic acid, avocados are a wonderful source of nutrition for pregnant women. The folic acid found in them is good for preventing and minimizing the risks of birth defects in babies. Eating plenty of avocados throughout your pregnancy could reduce your child’s risk of develop neural defects as well as spina bifida – both of which are detrimental to your child’s health.

Great for Vision

No one wants to grow up and realize they need corrective surgery for cataracts, or be diagnosed with macular degeneration. Both are very dangerous, and both can cause you to lose your vision. However, eating avocados can greatly reduce your risk of either, which means better vision and better health for the rest of your life.

Great for Cancer Prevention

Avocados contain something called phytochemicals, and those have been medically proven to stop the growth and spread of cancer cells within the body. Additionally, these have been proven to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer in both men and women, making it a good reason to get on board with eating an avocado a day, don’t you agree?

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