How to Add more Spinach Nutrition to your Daily Diet


The kind of nutrition spinach has to offer is too good to be true. It’s linked to healthier skin, a longer life, a better immune system and so many other health benefits that we wouldn’t have room to write them all down for you to review. Just know that eating spinach is something you should do as often as possible. In fact, some people like to incorporate spinach into their daily diet as many as three times a day; that’s right. Some people eat spinach at every meal because they know it’s going to make them stronger, more active and healthier. It’s a pretty good concept, and a nice way to live, if you ask us. With that said, let us give you three fresh ideas that will help you incorporate a bit of spinach into your meals a bit more often throughout the day.


You can get as many as two cups of spinach in a smoothie and never taste a bit of it. Have this for breakfast and you will find yourself amazed at just how good you feel. Mix a cup of your favorite fruit, greek yogurt and some almond milk in the blender with two cups spinach and some ice. Drink it; it will be amazing and oh-so-healthy.


Salad makes for a great lunch. It’s light and simple, and it’s filling. Instead of lettuce, use spinach. You can even add some romaine in there for a bit more excitement and flavor. Add your favorite fruits and veggies to the mix and call it a day. Just be easy on the dressing or you’re ruining the point of a healthy meal.


Have you ever had sautéed spinach? If not, you should. It’s amazing sautéed with a little bit of cherry tomato, some freshly minced garlic and a little olive oil. Pour this mixture on top of baked chicken and prepare to lose yourself in the flavor and excitement of this healthy meal.

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