5 Reasons Why MyFitnessPal is the Worst and Best Thing Ever

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My Fitness Pal is one of the best and worst apps on the market. It’s something I’ve used for years. I started using it when I was pregnant with our twins and couldn’t keep anything down. I needed to make sure I was getting enough calories in my body so I was tracking everything I ate so that I could eat more and hopefully keep something down. And when I was no longer throwing everything up, I felt so full after just a few bites. I had to keep track so that I was ensuring our babies, and their mama, were healthy and getting the nutrition they need. It’s a great combination of the most amazing app and the worst app ever, and I can tell you why you will form such a love/hate relationship with this little app that sits on your phone in your handbag and makes you think twice about everything in your life.

Best: You’re Accountable

There is nothing quite like a frequent reminder in your pocket that you’re being accountable. You can see your progress and know that you’re doing it well, and it makes you feel really good about what you’re doing. There is no mistake to be made.

Worst: So Many Calories

The world becomes a little less bright when you scan a barcode or enter an item and realize that it has a million calories. Everything you love changes right before your eyes, and it’s kind of depressing.

Best: It’s Productive

You can see how far you’ve come all day in terms of calories and exercise, how far you’ve come in terms of weight loss; it’s just productive. An app that keeps track of your life as a whole really does keep you on track.

Worst: You Hate Yourself

When you see what you’ve eaten after a day of indulgence, or how little you’ve exercised after a lazy day, you kind of hate yourself. There’s some regret and unhappiness. No one likes that.

Best: It Helps you Get Healthy

When you feel bad about your poor decisions, this app is then going to inspire you to do better and get healthier, and that’s always nice.

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