10 Terrifying Facts about the Pizza Hut Menu

PIzza Hut

Look, for those who have ever met me, you know that one of my favorite—and often way too popular—meals is pizza. Seemingly eating it every other day, it’s a quick and easy way to enjoy something delicious, still stay on track with my vegetarian ways and feel full at the same time—no matter how unhealthy it might actually be. And while there are literally millions of different ways to make a pizza and a ton of different options to choose from, one of the biggest chains in the entire world is Pizza Hut. Although known for decent pizza and really gimmicky items to complement said pies, Pizza Hut is still holding strong in the pizza market thanks to the abundance of deals they usually offer. But after taking a closer look at the Pizza Hut Menu, you might want to reconsider ordering from them the next time you’re looking for something good to eat—because they have some terrifying facts that we should all be aware of.

10. It Offers a Marmite-Filled Stuffed Crust

For any of you who have been to countries like Australia, New Zealand or Great Britain, you’ve probably heard about the popularity of Marmite—a yeast-extract that is often spread on toast and other pastries as a snack. It’s pretty bitter and, as one would imagine, is definitely a desired taste. Well, even though it might not be the best combination to go with a pizza, Pizza Hut in New Zealand found it necessary to stuff a crust with the spread—which has received mixed reactions.

9. Pizza Hut Uses More Than 300 Million Pounds of Cheese Each Year

I don’t know if I should be excited or really upset by this fact? I mean, on one end, I’m a huge fan of as much cheese as I can fit into my mouth, never one to turn down a new type. But, for those who care about the whole health thing a little too much, this probably isn’t the type of thing you want to hear about a pizza company. While a pizza usually tastes better with the more cheese it has piled on it, us health nuts are quick to pat down as much grease on top of a slice as we can—and it would seem we would be doing it a lot on Pizza Hut slices.

8. The Company Offers a Proposal Package

As I mentioned earlier, I love pizza no matter what time of day it is. But I wouldn’t even splurge on Pizza Hut’s Proposal Package that they offer here in the States. That’s right, for one of the biggest moments in someone’s life, “The Hut” offers a $10,000 package of a limousine, ruby engagement ring, flowers, fireworks display, a professional photographer and videographer and a $10 dinner box containing a medium one-topping rectangular pan pizza, five breadsticks with marinara sauce and 10 cinnamon sticks with a sweet icing cup in one box. Does this seem absurd to anyone else?

7. There Are Over 2,500 Calories in a Medium, Meat Lover’s Pizza

Feeling hungry? It’s not completely out of the question to order a medium pizza to try and enjoy all by yourself, right? I mean, eight slices isn’t terribly difficult to eat on your own. But let me warn you—you’ll be getting more than a day’s worth of calories in that one meal, because a Meat Lover’s pizza packs them in there, to the tune of over 2,500 greasy, heart-hurting calories.

6. They’ve Stuffed Some Interesting Things Into Their Crusts

I’m not sure who thought that stuffing crust was a good idea—even though I’m really happy pizza companies started doing it—but, over the years, Pizza Hut has taken it to the extreme. Rather than just cheese, the company has recently added a bacon option to stuff in there, along with things like cheeseburgers, hot dogs and chicken filets, among others, over the years. I’m not so sure those sound too appealing.

5. The Pizza Sauce is Basically a Tomato Paste

One thing that can make or break a pizza is the quality of its sauce. And if that’s what you’re using to determine how good a pizza taste, I wouldn’t much trust Pizza Hut. That’s because the sauce is essentially a tomato paste that is packaged in a plastic bag and then mixed together with water. Like other things on this list, that might be OK to do every once in awhile when eating a frozen pizza, but not when someone orders a “fresh, handmade” pizza from a restaurant.

4. Even Their Salads Are Unhealthy

For anyone who thinks that they’re doing themselves—and body—a favor by going with a salad over something greasy like pizza or a sandwich at Pizza Hut, think again. While it’s no secret that loading up any salad with dressing adds calories and other unnatural ingredients to it, Pizza Hut’s Caesar Salad actually is worse than others. That’s because, for someone getting one with chicken on it, it packs an astounding 360 calories with 26 grams of fat. You would be better off just eating a slice of pizza at that point—at least it’s more enjoyable.

3. Way Too Much MSG

For those who aren’t all into the health terms, MSG stands for monosodium glutamate, which, essentially, is a salt substitute that tricks both your mind and taste buds into thinking they’re enjoying something more natural. Unfortunately, though, that’s anything but the case, as MSG has been linked to diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Those don’t exactly sound like anything I want to have anytime soon, so I’d advise ordering Pizza Hut—because their menu items are loaded with it.

2. The Shrimp & Mayo Roll Stuffed Crust Pizza

Luckily for any of us who reside in America, we don’t have to worry about even gagging at the thought of eating this pizza. But for our friends in Japan, they have no such luck, as the menu actually includes a Shrimp & Mayo Roll Stuffed Crust Pizza, which, if you ask me, sounds about as delicious as eating dirt. Knowing that the restaurant hasn’t exactly been recognized as using the freshest ingredients, don’t be surprised if your stomach feels a little funky after consuming this pizza.

1. The Dough is Frozen

Sure, you might not mind freezing some homemade pizza dough when you’re in the mood to make your own pizza at home, but when you’re ordering it from a fast food restaurant, the last thing you want is for it to sit around in a freezer for who knows how long. Making matter worse, former employees and managers have even admitted to basically touching all of your food without any gloves on. That might be the way they do it in the old country back in Italy, but I wouldn’t trust that high school kid who doesn’t have the best hygiene having clean hands.

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