The Numerous Benefits Of Having Good Posture

The benefits of having good posture are numerous.  We always heard our mothers tell us to stand up straight and it turns out that there was a lot of reasons that we should have listened to mom on this one.  Having good posture is good for our bodies, plain and simple.

Good posture helps prevent a lot of back problems.  According to The National Library of Medicine, back problems are the number two reason that people go to the doctor in the United States, second only to seasonal illnesses such as colds and flus.  Back pain is more than just painful, it can actually be debilitating.  Having good posture can help to prevent that back pain from occurring in the first place.  When you stand up correctly, your spine and neck are in line and you are less likely to develop pain in those areas.

There are a couple of other good reasons that you should work toward having good posture.  Having good posture makes you look ten pounds slimmer, instantly.  If you don’t believe me, go to the mirror and watch what happens when you stand up straight and use good posture.  Your tummy tucks in, you shoulders go back and you look much slimmer.

Another benefit of good posture is that it makes you look confident.  Experts in body language have long advocated that having good posture could be very beneficial in situations when you need to seem confident and assertive such as business meetings or job interviews.

The benefits of having good posture are numerous and include benefits for you physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.  And the good thing is that having good posture is something you can work on and correct on your own with time and practice.

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