How Negative Thoughts Affect Your Life

Your thoughts are powerful, and those negative habits you have are actually doing more than just coursing through your mind. When you think negatively, even if you brush aside the thought as quickly as it came about, you are hindering your ability to function successfully. The problem, however, is that most people don’t realize that they even possess these negative thoughts, which can be a problem. Here are three negative thoughts to ditch right now.

It’s Me 

When you think for even just one second that the reason someone didn’t text you back immediately is because they don’t like you or they find you annoying, you’re doing damage. If you think that what you’re saying to others is annoying them, it will make it harder for you to start conversations with others in the future. It’s not you. Sometimes people are busy or they’re distracted, or they’re simply having a bad day. Whatever you do, don’t assume it has anything to do with you. More often than not, it has nothing to do with you.

Others Are Doing So Much Better

When you think to yourself, “Boy, she sure has it all together and is clearly doing better than I,” even for a split second, you’re doing yourself a disservice. I’ve got news for all of us; no matter how well we are doing in life, there is always someone doing better than us in some way, shape or form. Thinking that others are just more successful or better than us is a horrible, negative thought that can actually affect our self-esteem.


Spending your days wondering why this happened or why that happened or didn’t happen is going to take over your life. Stop wondering why things did or did not happen for you and focus instead on making things happen for you. Everything happens for a reason; you’ll find out why in time.


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