How To Motivate Yourself To Get into the Gym When You Really Don’t Want To


Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe later today. Maybe I’ll just start going to the gym every day next week and use this week as my week off to rest and relax and gear myself up for a long road of working out and getting healthy. Or maybe I’ll just go today. No, definitely next week. Do you have that string of thoughts in your mind throughout the day? That long list of reasons you cannot possibly go to the gym or hit the road for a long jog at the end of the day? Do you try and talk yourself into going to work out only to realize that you’re actually talking yourself out of a trip to the gym? It happens to the best of us, but we have to work through it. We have to find the motivation and the desire to get up and go to the gym. We know we’re going to feel better afterward, but we can’t seem to motivate ourselves to go right now. That’s about to change, because I’m here to motivate you.

Remind Yourself it’s for Your Health

When you decide not to go to the gym and work out, you decide to give yourself less time on earth. Working out actually helps you live longer and healthier, so just remember that when Netflix is keeping you on the couch.

It’s a Break

It’s a break from the kids, from the housework and from all the things that make life a little bit stressful, so why not take it? If for no other reason than the fact that you need a break, go to the gym and take one.

It Feels Good

Yes, it feels good. It feels so good. It feels amazing to go to the gym or fitness center and workout. You might not feel amazing right now, but you know you will. So why deny yourself something that feels so good?

You Will Feel Confident

Your confidence level is going to rise significantly when you work out, so go do it. Why wouldn’t you want to be more confident and more alive? Get up, get to the gym and give yourself the gift of confidence. Then go home and wear it like a Louboutin.

It’s You Time

Everyone needs something for ‘you.’ You need a moment, a hobby, a craft or something that’s just for you. You need something that makes you feel like a good person, that makes you happy and that benefits you in some way, shape or form. So go work out and make good health and a longer life your ‘you’ thing.

Photo by Gary M Prior – Getty Images for Reebok


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