Morning Sickness Help for the First Trimester

Morning sickness; it’s not just for mornings. A more apt name for this rather unfortunate pregnancy affliction would be something along the lines of, “Completely miserable vomiting all the time morning, noon or night as well as tired and shaky sickness.” I don’t know what it feels like to suffer from the laughably named morning sickness with your first – or second – but what a shocker to have two illness free pregnancies only to feel like complete and utter misery for weeks all of a sudden. Here are three ways you can ease – probably not cure – your morning sickness.


In crystallized form, ginger is the best way to ease the side effects associated with morning sickness. However, by making ginger tea, eating ginger snaps and trying ginger ale, you might feel your stomach calm down and your nausea improve a bit. It’s not a guarantee, but I’ve learned it doesn’t make it worse by any means. I have a pregnant friend to thank for the crystallized ginger and ginger snaps advice; here’s hoping the remainder of her pregnancy is spectacular!


It might seem counterintuitive, but eating helps ease your morning sickness. Of course, nothing sounds good or even tastes very good at the moment, but an empty stomach can make your morning sickness that much worse. Try eating small meals throughout the day, never allowing your stomach to empty. It helps to try a saltine cracker before you even get out of bed in the morning.


It helps. It’s not easy to rest, especially when you’re a work-at-home mom with a two-and-five year old running around, kindergarten to drive to and from each day, cheerleading practice three nights a week and games on Saturdays, a husband who still wants some of your attention and life in general, but it can be done. My advice; work where you’re comfortable and ask for help. For me, I no longer work at my desk. I work on the couch with the recliner portion opened and a comfortable blanket and I rely on my husband to take half the cheerleading shifts and lunch making and dinner cooking and cleaning. He’s awesome, so I didn’t even have to ask but if you do, don’t be afraid.


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