How to Lower Blood Pressure in Five Simple Ways


High blood pressure is a dangerous health problem that many people live with. The good news, however, is that you don’t have to live with high blood pressure. You can, once diagnosed, take some simple steps to help you lower your high blood pressure that will have you living a healthier, better lifestyle in no time. These simple tips for lowering your high blood pressure will make you feel productive, great and healthy.

 Lose Weight

Being even just a little overweight can have a negative effect on your high blood pressure. You need to lose the weight, and lose it now. Start eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. It’s the simplest, healthiest, and best way to lower your high blood pressure.


It’s great for weight loss, but exercise itself is good for those who have high blood pressure and aren’t overweight, too. A minimum of 30 minutes exercise per day is enough to help lower your blood pressure. The best news is that the results of this type of exercise are almost immediate.

Lower Sodium Intake

You don’t need salt on everything; you can use other spices to add flavor to your meals. Additionally, you must watch for hidden sodium intake. You might not salt your food, but most prepackaged and premade meals are loaded with sodium; read the ingredients before you consume anything.

Stop Drinking

It’s okay to have a glass of wine at night or a beer during the big game, but lowering your drinking habits to next to none is going to help lower your high blood pressure very quickly. In fact, a small amount of alcohol each day (that heart healthy glass of red wine) can help lower your blood pressure. However, you have to abide by moderation and know how much wine equals on hearth healthy glass.

Keep a Food Diary

By eating healthy, you can lower your blood pressure. It’s true that even if you cut sodium out of your diet you can still eat unhealthy and cause your blood pressure to rise. Keep a diary of everything you eat for one week and see where your bad habits lie. Next, change those bad habits and you’ll be amazed at how well you’re eating.

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